Our Story

I've obsessed over clothes ever since I was a little girl. Not in the typical sense where I was nose deep in Vogue magazines, religiously following fashion week, or even dreaming of one day landing a role in the industry. Rather, my obsession came from the simple gratification of piecing together an ensemble and appreciating how great it looked and made me feel.

While running my own fashion blog, I quickly found it tiresome and impractical to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the fashion world. I noticed that the prevalent fast fashion business model often led to purchasing decisions that were largely based on price point with little consideration for longevity and quality. 

When styling for my photo shoots I would always reach for the same items: a black leather moto-jacket, a crisply tailored white button-up, and a basic camisole that paired perfectly under a blazer or casually with jeans. Each of these items shared the same characteristics; timeless, high-quality, and versatile. I began to see the strong interconnection between fashion and sustainability.

Then I created Ethereal. A brand that values minimalism by creating garments that are timeless, versatile, and classic. Our philosophy is simple - only own what you love. 

Ellen, Founder

Your style is your confidence. Wear it. Own it.