Our Story Ethereal is a Canadian online fashion boutique. Our fabrics are primarily sourced from a Canadian supplier and our garments are proudly produced in Toronto. We want to take fashion back to basics. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to have a minimalist quality for versatility. We deviate from fast fashion by creating garments that will transcend time. Historically, fashion collections followed the four seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; however, the advancement in technology and globalization has allowed brands to accelerate production and deliver new collections as frequent as weekly. The environmental impact is substantial; water contamination, depletion of natural resources at significant rates, energy consumption, and mass amounts of waste in landfills.

Our delicate designs are inspired by clean lines, touched with feminine accents. We want every woman to feel as effortlessly elegant and as classy as she was meant to be.

Our Efforts and Dedication to Sustainability

Timeless. This is our commitment to each piece. Clothing is an investment and design should be the deciding factor when making a purchase - not price point. We try to steer away from loud prints and bold styles, keeping it simple yet intricate. We design with the ultimate goal that our pieces will remain in your closet for years to come. The longer it stays in your closet, the less waste that goes into the landfills.

Our garments are locally produced in Toronto where we work intimately with the manufacturer to oversee production and collaborate to identify efficiency to reduce waste. Local production also eliminates the need for logistical intermediaries helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

We make a conscious effort to select ethically sourced and cruelty free fabrics. We support local businesses by sourcing a significant portion of our fabrics from Canadian wholesalers. Our XX sweater is made from fleece that is made from recycled water bottles collected in Haiti. We are continuously putting our efforts in selecting natural/recycled fibers.

Packaging We know that amazing feeling you get when you receive a beautifully branded box with your name on it, open it up to find your item carefully wrapped in ribbons, tissue paper and stickers. But what happens next? The considerable time spent personalizing each package is almost immediately bunched up and tossed in the garbage. Minimalism is always top of mind for us. Let's adopt a new mindset and remember that fancy packaging is instant gratification and does not add additional value to the beautiful garment awaiting for you inside. Minimalist packaging means less money spent on packaging, lower costs, which can be passed on to the consumer, and one step closer to a beautiful planet.

Each package comes with a "Care" card providing instructions on how to improve the longevity of your clothing. Download it here!